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New Wallace Nutting Florals Column Just Released
Most Wallace Nutting collectors love Nutting's Floral Still Life scenes. There are approximately 60 different Florals available to collect today, so identifying the exact title of each picture has become increasingly difficult for collectors. Some titles are relatively common while others are extremely rare, and Florals with the title written on the matting are obvioulsy easier to identify than "Untitled" or "Close-Framed" pictures that aren't identified. How do you determine the title of your Floral?

To help Wallace Nutting collectors, we've created a special library devoted to Nutting's Floral Still Life scene. If you're curious about a Nutting Floral title, simply go to this web page "www.WNutting.com/Florals.htm", and see if you can match your picture with its title. There is no charge for this service.

And if you have a Wallace Nutting Floral that doesn't appear on this page, please send us a photo and the title and we'll add it to the library (send to: info@michaelivankovich.com).

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